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Question   Experiment
May I use your photograph of the smiling girl in a psychology experiment? I needed a happy face and your photograph is an excellent example. She will be shown for one second and participants will be asked to rate how happy she is.

My email is jukimt@hotmail.com.

Thank you in advance!

- Kim Truong December 28, 2009

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Question   Your email address?
I was given your email address to order pictures, but I must have written it down wrong. Can you send it to me?

I would also like to know the difference between Endura and Metalic on your price list..... Good question Jackie.

- Joyce Hels June 17, 2009

  Answer The difference is the Metalic has a metalic sheen sort of a metal look. I would go for the Endura with anything you order but if you want to try a few with the other go for it. My e-mail address is jfogalphotography@gmail.com.

- John Fogal  June 18, 2009

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Question   endura - metalic
What is the difference.
Pics are great. Working with you was so easy. Thank you from all of us.

- Jackie McNamara May 04, 2009

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